Uya 四代目菊川


    Child Friendly: YES

    Halal: YES



    Operating Hours Sun to Thu:
    12pm to 2.30pm
    6pm to 9.30pm Fri & Sat:
    12pm to 2.30pm
    6pm to 10pm Telephone

    Corkage Price:$30

    Wheelock Place, #02-15/16, 501 Orchard Road 238880

    Eel, or unagi, takes the spotlight at Uya. The restaurant’s supply of eel comes in twice a week from its farms in Japan and Taiwan, and are kept fresh in a custom-built facility on the premises. As they are done Nagoya-style, the slender eels are not steamed as they might be in the Tokyo-style. They are simply charcoal-grilled without sauce (shirayaki) or with tare (kabayaki), a homemade sauce that has been passed down over four generations. As a result, the eels have a greater bite and even crunchiness to them, compared to the more malleable texture of Tokyo-style unagi. Believers in utilising all part of the eel, the restaurant whets your appetite with starters such as liver ponzu and crispy bone (deep-fried spine of the eel). But to best enjoy the smoky, deep-flavoured unagi, a must-order is hitsumabushi or grilled eel on rice, recommended to be eaten in four ways. First, as it is on its own; second, adding condiments such aswasabi, spring onion and nori; third, making a chazuke or Japanese rice soup by adding condiments and dashi broth,and lastly, the best way you like it. The portion is large enough for two people to share, but unagi-lovers will find it easy to devour it all on their own. For non-unagi alternatives, try their sashimi bowl or rare wagyu rice bowl, served with sous vide egg, salad soup and pickles. Desserts-wise, there’s not too wide a selection, but a good bet would be to go for the matcha parfait.