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The Orchard Cafe


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    Orchard Hotel Singapore, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879

    Fresh from renovations last year, The Orchard Cafe launches a new Signature Class Buffet and a refreshed, garden-themed look, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, a snazzy, semialfresco bar, and a vibrant indoor garden lush with natural plants and greenery. Here, diners can enjoy quality regional cuisine in the comfort of an elegant tropical paradise.

    Tuck into heritage eats such as braised pork knuckle bee hoon, and tau kwa pau, deep-fried beancurd filled with chopped egg, fried yam, cucumber and fish cake. Unique signatures like slipper lobster with salted egg yolk sauce, and beef tripe and duck heart satay are also must-haves.

    Don’t miss enticing highlights like the sambal station featuring eight spicy dips, succulent roast meats, and the DIY ice-blended drinks station. To spice things up, the buffet changes every few months with themes such as claypot specials or Thai food.

    The a la carte menu isn’t one to miss either. The grilled Norwegian salmon fillet comes with crisp skin and tender meat, while the mildly spicy laksa, laden with Thai river prawns, cockles and quail egg, is a favourite. For dessert, tuck into durian pengat, redolent with Mao Shan Wang durian, coconut milk, palm sugar and shaved coconut; and the lovely pandan lava cake with sea salt caramel ice cream.