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The Disgruntled Chef


    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours


    12pm – 2.30pm Tues – Sat

    12pm – 4.30pm Sunday


    6pm – 10.30pm Tues – Thurs and Sun

    6pm – 11.30pm Fri – Sat

    Closed on Monday


    Corkage Price:Recommended

    Edit: The Disgruntled Chef has closed.

    Comfort food with a touch of luxe sums up the cuisine served here. Think truffled macaroni and cheese studded with forkfuls of crayfish, all bubbling beneath a crisp,toothsome crust. Or bone marrow with sourdough toast and a sharp herb salad to cut through the richness. The star dish is the suckling pig, which is so masterfully roasted that it is an artful tableau of crisp skin, rendered fat and juicy meat that almost makes its accompaniments of apple purée and honey redundant.

    Another crowd favourite is the spiced lamb short ribsdusted with cumin and laid on a bed of silky pumpkinpurée. At dessert, there is a polarising dark chocolateand cheese magnum which blends the sweet richness ofdark chocolate with the earthy creaminess of blue cheese.

    For a more popular option, try Avogato comprising espresso topped with a scoop of smooth avocado ice cream.