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Sushi Kou


    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours


    Mon to Sun:

    11.30am to 2.30pm


    Mon to Sun:

    6pm to 10.30pm


    Corkage Price:$30

    Orchid Hotel, #01-16, 1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867

    At this 40-seater restaurant, take a seat at the dining tables, or perch at the 14-seater sushi counter which puts you close to the action at chef Kanazawa Homare’s culinary theatre. The main attraction here is chef Homare’s incredibly well-priced omakase menus.

    Sushi Kou’s omakase usually comprises an appetiser, sashimi, a grilled dish, fried dish, braised dish, sushi and dessert. What goes into each dish is decided upon by the chef based on the fresh ingredients that he gets his hands on that day. With much of his seafood delivered from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market twice a week, arriving on Tuesdays and Fridays, you can be sure that freshness and quality are paramount here.

    Generous slices of amberjack, flounder, mackerel, seabream and tuna belly never fail to whet the appetite, and are served with freshly grated wasabi root at Sushi Kou. This is followed by the likes of grilled flathead, or kochi, glazed with teriyaki sauce, its skin deliciously charred and blistered, and its flesh firm yet silky. A seabream is braised in a fragrant stock with bamboo shoots, tinged with the earthy flavour of burdock root. Later on, morsels of seabass and sweet corn tempura tantalise with their ethereally light, crisp batter.

    The sushi course brings with it ambrosial morsels of the freshest fish topped on neatly formed mounds of lightly vinegared rice. At dessert, a scoop of refreshing yuzu ice cream cleanses the palate, its light citrus flavour ending the meal on just the right note. Alternatively ask for the sea salt ice cream, a lovely hit of sweet and salty.