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Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro


Child Friendly: YES


Vegetarian: YES


Operating Hours

Mon to Fri:

12pm to 2.30pm

Mon to Sun:

6pm to 10pm


Corkage Price:$30, wine; $60, champagne

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Orchard Wing, Level 35, 333 Orchard Road 238867

2017 Review
2018 Review

Located on the 35th floor of Mandarin Orchard Singapore, this is the Singapore outpost of Japan’’s famous Shisen Hanten group of restaurants. It is headed by executive chef Chen Kentaro, who purveys a menu straddling both Cantonese and Szechuan traditions, and one that is bold on flavours and inspirations.

Fiery signatures include live fish stewed in super spicy Szechuan pepper sauce or wok-fried with shishito pepper(choose from turbot, green wrasse, east-spotted grouper, red grouper and marble goby). Another spicy hit is the Szechuan signature La Zi Ji, featuring sautéed dried Szechuan chilli peppers and dainty, moreish bites of deep-fried chicken lightly coated in sauce. No one comes here without sampling Chen’’s Mapo Doufu, an upscale version of this traditional Szechuan dish with mouth-tingling spice, homemade tofu and smoky minced meat sauce, perfect for dousing over hot steamed rice.

Fear not if spicy flavours are not for you. There are myriad options available with subtler flavours, such as foie gras chawanmushi with crab roe soup, a real indulgence rich with flavour and umami. Other highlights include fried pork with sweet and sour sauce in black vinegar, and crispy cooked rice with pork and seafood.