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Sawadee Thai Cuisine


    Corkage Price:$25

    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Price:Less than $50/pax

    Operating Hours


    Mon to Sun:

    11am to 2.30pm


    Mon to Sun:

    6pm to 10.30pm


    TQL Suites, #01-01, 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188098

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    With over 16 years in the business, Sawadee Thai Cuisine is a stalwart in the industry. Its longevity is testament to the authentic avours of its cuisine as showcased in its varied menu.

    Get your appetite going with spicy tangy coconut soup studded withchicken and spiked with roasted dried chillies, lemongrass and herbs. Follow up with a side of Sawadee’s fragrant Thai-style otah, minced fish paste marinated with spicy Thai herbs and steamed on a traditional clay plate.

    Other classic Thai favourites that are great for sharing include deep-fried chicken wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves, spiced fish cake with sweet chilli sauce and deep-fried crab spring rolls. Salad options include tangy green mango salad peppered with fresh red chillies and nuts, and the traditional miang kham, betel leaf wrapped with roasted coconut, peanut, dried shrimps, and myriad aromatics along with a homemade sweet and savoury sauce.

    A Thai meal is not complete without the well-loved Thai curries.

    Choose from a hearty roasted duck red curry with a smattering of lychees and pineapples; or a milder green curry—choose either chicken or beef—laced with basil and Thai e plants. Be sure to order Sawadee’s signature olive fried rice with chicken, dried shrimps, onions and chillies, and balance this with a portion of fried beansprouts with fish maw, or chilli string beans with prawns.

    Fish is a speciality at Sawadee. For one with a satisfying bite, orderthe crispy deep-fried pomfret served with mango sauce, or opt for the steamed sea bass in spicy sour sauce.

    There is a small but delectable dessert selection. Think waterchestnut in coconut milk, thai mango or mao shan wang durian withsticky rice, and tapioca in coconut milk.