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Long Beach @ Dempsey Seafood Restaurant


Child Friendly: YES


Vegetarian: YES


Operating Hours

Mon to Sun:

11am to 3pm

5pm to 1am


Corkage Price:Flexible

25 Dempsey Road 249670

2017 Review
2018 Review

First started in 1946, then subsequently established under the name of Long Beach Seafood in 1982, this household name is trusted for quality seafood and local delights. It bills itself the creator of the original black pepper crab, a popular local favourite comprising Sri Lankan crab stir-fried in a rich black pepper sauce. The restaurant offers this and other popular crab options such as chilli crab and white pepper crab, along with live seafood such as Scottish royal razor clam, golden stripe lobster and wild caught marble goby.

A de-shelling service is available when you order a crab dish, so do ask for this if you prefer not to get your hands dirty. The pepper crabs are sweet and succulent, and come slicked with an exuberantly flavoured pepper sauce with a whisper of sesame paste. Complement your crabs with other decadent options like the Australian lobster with spicy salt and pepper, deep fried live red grouper with mango in Thai style, live frog with Chinese wine, and homemade otah (spicy fish paste) in banana leaf.

At dessert, go for the smooth and creamy premier Mao Shan durian pudding or the refreshingly cool snow glands with almond paste in whole coconut.