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Latteria Mozzarella Bar


    Child Friendly:No


    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    Mon to Sun:

    12pm to 230pm

    6pm to 1030pm

    Closed for lunch on Fri


    Corkage Price:$40, wine & champagne

    40 Duxton Hill 89618

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    True to its name, the cheese selection at Latteria is of excellent quality. The burratina with roasted pumpkin is an unusual combination that works remarkably well, with the pumpkin’s smokiness cutting through the creamy cheese. Order your main courses with care as the portions are large, especially the lamb shank—it is braised overnight and served in a red wine sauce with chickpeas.

    The dining experience feels homely and generous, both in flavours and portions. Come with a group of friends to really enjoy a range of good food and drinks.