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IndoChine Restaurant


    Corkage Price:$50, wine;$90, champagne

    Child Friendly:No


    Vegetarian: YES


    Price:Between $50 to$100/pax

    Operating Hours


    Mon to Fri:

    12pm to 2.30pm


    Mon to Sat:

    6pm to 10.30pm


    47 Club Street, Chinatown, Singapore 069424

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    Located in the heart of bustling Club Street, this stalwart is the go-to place for a feast of Indochina’s myriad delights. Follow the staircase up from its sister establishment, Savanh Bistro + Lounge, to reach the main dining hall decorated with Buddha sculptures set against glittering chandeliers. Take your pick from a large, varied menu of Indochinese favourites, from roasted rice cake rolls with minced chicken to grilled beef in wild betel leaves. A popular choice for starter is the Vietnamese rice paper prawn rolls with boiled prawns and crisp vegetables snugly wrapped in delicate rice paper. Ditto the tangy tom yam soup that packs plenty of punch and spice to wake up the appetite. The Khmer-style trio of seafood is also highly recommended. Sea bass, prawns and scallops are pan-seared and glazed with a tamarind caramel that accentuates the natural sweetness of the seafood. The meat options are equally tantalising. The Laotian grilled chicken is juicy and beautifully marinated with punchy flavours and crisp, blistered skin. Don’t miss the hearty French beef stew in which chunks of beef are braised with potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, resulting in fork-tender meat in a rich savoury sauce. This dish is best enjoyed with a serving of khao neo (steamed glutinous rice) to mop up the delicious sauce. Alternatively, try IndoChine’s rendition of kway teow, or fried rice noodles. Its interpretation of one of Singapore’s favourite hawker dishes simply delights with the use of large fresh prawns and skilful wok frying that imparts a distinctive smoky flavour to the dish.