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Golden Peony


Child Friendly:No

Halal: YES

Vegetarian: YES


Operating Hours


Mon to Sat:

11.30am to 2.30pm


10.30am to 2.30pm


Mon to Sun:

6.30pm to 10.30pm


Corkage Price:$45, wine
& champagne; $50,
hard liquor

Conrad Centennial Singapore, Level 3, Two Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982

2017 Review
2018 Review

The enduring success of Golden Peony lies in its ability to purvey three beloved mainstays of Chinese cuisine—double-boiled soups, roasted meats and seafood—with impeccable consistency.

Start with the signature double-boiled baby abalone soup with fresh sea whelk, conpoy and bamboo piths presented in a young coconut shell. This exquisitely flavoured soup demonstrates the kitchen’s knowing way with luxury ingredients. The London duck, meanwhile, uses birds importe[get_bloginfo]url[/get_bloginfo]/files/2017/chinese/d from ireland, roasted ‘London Chinatown-style’ in a marinade of maltose and myraid spices, and air-dried to yield a crisp, lacquered skin lined with a delicious layer of smoky fat. The roasted pork is equally impressive, crowned with a crisp layer of crackling and proportionate layers of meat and fat. Helmed by executive Chinese chef Ku Keung, the seafood choices available at Golden Peony are equally alluring. Chef Ku’s rendition of bi feng tang lobster (aka Hong Kong ‘typhoon shelter’ style lobster) teases the palate with succulent crustacean, crispy almonds and crunchy spiced batter. For a comforting option, try the steamed handmade vermicelli nestled in a broth of lobster, egg white and Chinese wine, or the ee-fu noodles with king prawns in a rich stock.

Dessert offers plenty of choices including baked egg white tart, with a light puff pastry encrusting creamy egg white custard. There is also the smooth, fragrant chilled avocado cream paired with vanilla ice cream to freshen the palate.