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Dancing Crab


    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours


    11.30am – 3pm Sat, Sun, PHs


    5pm – 10.30pm Daily


    Corkage Price:Recommended

    Dancing Crab takes inspiration from the lively and welcoming restaurants that serve delicious Creole cuisine in New Orleans, Louisiana. Diners at this casual restaurant can look forward to funky decor, enthusiastic service and delectable food, with upbeat music adding to the good vibes.

    There is a wide range of seafood on offer, which dinerscan enjoy directly off the table with their bare hands. Bibs are provided before the meal, so don’t be afraid of getting your clothes dirty. The Combo Bag #01 is highly recommended. This hearty dish feeds two amply and comprises a Sri Lankan crab, prawns, clams, corn, and sausages. Another must-tryis the scrumptious lobster roll composed of fresh lobstermeat and crunchy coleslaw sandwiched between toastedbuttery brioche, and served with spicy Cajun fries. Fordessert, try the beignet, a fried pastry much like a lighter version of a doughnut, which washes down wonderfully with a post-prandial coffee.