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Crystal Jade Kitchen


    Child Friendly: YES




    Operating Hours

    Mon to Sat:

    11am to 10pm

    Sun & PH:

    10.30am to 10pm


    Corkage Price:N/A

    Great World City, #03-30, 1 Kim Seng Promenade 237994

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    For a casual, family-friendly restaurant serving familiar Cantonese favourites, Crystal Jade Kitchen is a good bet.

    Their wide dim sum selection ranges from all-time favourites such as baked mini egg tart to the more uncommon deep-fried salted egg shrimp with cheong fun. The latter is a crisp, flavourful combination that does delicious justice to salted egg, an ingredient that is often over-used. Another speciality is their selection of Hong Kong-style congee, such as classic Ting Zai congee with sliced fish, cuttlefish and shredded pork, and other varieties such as minced pork giblet congee with pig stomach, liver, intestine, kidney and meatball.

    For mains, definitely go for their Crystal Jade signature pork belly, a moist, smoky rendition of char siew. The thick slabs of meat slathered with sticky sauce will have you calling for another portion. Another standout dish is Fortune 5 crispy chicken, a crisp, tender, roasted chicken that goes best with a dab of salt, or the other four accompanying dips. Other dishes to complement your meal include the sautéed French bean with dried shrimp and minced pork, and savoury braised vermicelli with shredded duck and preserved vegetable.

    For sweets, choose from standards such as black sesame glutinous rice dumpling in ginger soup and mango purée with pomelo and sago.