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Crystal Jade Golden Palace


    Child Friendly: YES


    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    Mon to Fri:

    11.30am to 3pm

    6pm to 10.30pm


    11am to 3pm

    6pm to 10.30pm

    Sun & PH:

    10.30am to 3pm

    6pm to 10.30pm


    Corkage Price:$30, wine; $50, champagne

    Paragon Shopping Centre, #05-22, 290 Orchard Road 238859

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    With its plush setting, complete with high ceilings and chandeliers, Golden Palace is decidedly a world apart from run-of-the-mill Cantonese restaurants. Make no mistake about it, this is the glittering jewel in the Crystal Jade crown. The fact that it is the sole recipient of a Michelin star in the group for two years running probably cemented its status.

    Accordingly, the menu is extensive, purveying a largess of abalone, live seafood, bird’s nest, wagyu beef and such premium ingredients. Think signatures such as sliced roasted suckling pig with foie gras (advance order required), baked lamb rack with red wine and black pepper, and golden caramelised roast pork. The latter is especially popular, and rightly so, with its crisp unctuous skin and tender meat.

    Crystal Jade Golden Palace also specialises in Teochew cuisine. Highlights include chilled yellow cream crab in Teochew style, where the crab is steamed then chilled and served cold with black vinegar; steamed pomfret Teochew-style and Teochew pomegranate dumpling filled with Chinese ham, bird’s nest and tofu et al in a smooth pumpkin broth.

    As with the rest of its Crystal Jade compatriots, dim sumis exceedingly popular here, with popular items such as char siew sou (baked barbecue pork pastry) and egg tarts selling out. Needless to say, be sure to book ahead, especially on weekends.