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Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine

As befits its location within the grand Chui Huay Lim Club, this traditional Teochew restaurant’s large dining room is dressed in classy, contemporary Chinese décor. But it’s not just good to look at, this is also one of the best places for traditional Teochew cuisine.

Begin your meal with the Teochew cold crab, which harbours a bounty of creamy, savoury crab roe. The deep-fried ngoh hiang rolls see minced pork boldly seasoned with five-spice powder and flecked with crunchy chestnuts encased in a crispy beancurd skin. Another delicious starter that comes highly recommended is charcoal grilled sea cucumber.

One of the restaurant’s best-known dishes is the Teochew braised goose with tofu. The smooth, tender meat is sliced thinly and served in the nuanced herbal sauce it was cooked in. Another sound choice is the steamed pomfret in a light broth topped with salted vegetables, preserved plums and shiitake mushrooms.

Other highlights include the fried salted egg yolk prawns that taste as good as they look, and gooey Teochew oyster omelette, which comes generously studded with plump fresh oysters and imbued with the smoky aroma of the wok. The braised conpoy vegetables with eight vegetarian treasures, meanwhile, come well-flavoured, hearty and make for an immensely comforting dish.

Complete your meal with traditional Teochew desserts such as the sweet yam paste or stewed mung beans with hashima. The restaurant offers a variety of wines, mostly New World. Gongfu tea is served at the start and end of the meal—smooth and bittersweet, and perfect as a palate cleanser.

Operating Hours


Mon to Thur:

12pm to 3pm

Fri to Sun & PH:

11.30am to 3pm


Mon to Thur:

6pm to 11pm

Fri to Sun & PH:

5.30pm to 11pm




Chui Huay Lim Club, #01-02, 190 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 308409


Corkage Price:$30

Price:Between $50 to $100/pax





Established Year:2011