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    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    Dinner: 4.30pm – 11.30pm Mon – Sat


    Corkage Price:N/A

    Golden Castle Buildling, #01-01, 80 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058710

    2017 Review
    2018 Review

    Sake lovers will find Bōruto’s extensive sake vault a sight to behold. It boasts a selection of about 12 cult labels of Juyondai sake—the premier cru of the sake world—and 70 other sake labels.

    In this izakaya’s dimly lit interiors, chef Angus Chow serves Japanese-style tapas, including the likes of teba gyoza, or crispy chicken wings stuffed with meat, silver fish and wild vegetables; ahi tataki, slivers of fresh tuna with a salad of black olives, leeks and chilli tossed with a wasabi yuzu dressing; and tori-take, crispy chicken roulade filled with shiitake jam. Chef Chow’s signature dish is a study in luxurious simplicity—cold somen infused with the delicious brininess of sea kelp, tossed with confit egg yolk and topped with truffle caviar and crispy sakura ebi. Another hit: the uni pasta, comprising cappellini braised in a sea urchin and yuzu stock, and crowned with fresh tongues of sea urchin and Hokkaido white wasabi, is a decadent indulgence not to be missed.