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Bob’s Bar


    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours


    12pm – 5pm (Mon-Sun)


    5pm – 12am (Mon-Sun)


    Corkage Price:Recommended

    A wonderful respite from the bustling city, Bob’s Bar offers a relaxing experience in the romantic hideaway that is Capella Singapore. Start with a tipple as you lounge on one of several comfortable daybeds overlooking the pool, then make your way to a dining table to partake in the selection of Cuban-inspired dishes.

    A wholesome mushroom soup offers a medley of flavours anchored by the earthy pungency of truffles, while crisp, battered chicken wings glazed in a spicy Caribbean-stylebarbecue sauce make fantastic accompaniments to a rum-based cocktail. There is also a Cubano-style chicken rice salad that riffs on the Singapore classic with caramelised pineapple, guacamole and coriander leaves.

    It is impossible to resist the chocolate chip skillet cookiesthat arrive at the table fresh from the oven and topped with bourbon vanilla ice cream. Nosh on that, then go back to the menu of cocktails and pick one (or three) with which to while away the hours at this most idyllic of restaurant-bars.