Chefs Under 35: Chef Sun Kim from Meta

chefs under 35: young chef Sun Kim in action at Meta restaurant

When he was young, Sun Kim had vague ambitions of having his own restaurant before he turned 35. “But I didn’t really work hard with that in mind,” he says. 

Singapore's Top Restaurants 2017/2018 House of Stars - Two Stars logoSun Kim, 33


In this series, we meet chefs under 35 whose restaurants were awarded stars in Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2017/2018.

chefs under 35: young chef Sun Kim in action at Meta restaurant
Chef Sun Kim in action at Meta

“I worked hard because I just wanted to grow and learn,” he says.

That learning journey eventually took him from Italian and French restaurants in Seoul to Tetsuya’s in Sydney, then Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands before he opened Meta in 2015.

young chefs under 35: chef sun kim's scallop dish

Located at Keong Saik Road and serving “French-inspired cuisine with an Asian twist”, Meta was given two stars in our Singapore’s Top Restaurants guide last year, as well as Best Degustation Menu (Asian). This year, it received two stars in our awards, and was also anointed with a Michelin star.

young chefs under 35: chef sun kim's guksu dish

Kim’s set menus at Meta match French cooking techniques with Asian flavours. Some of the Korean ingredients he loves and uses often are traditional doenjang (bean paste), gochujang (chilli paste), sesame oil and seaweed. A recent fascination with Chinese ingredients also sees him experimenting with items like Chinese lily bud for its unique flavour and texture. A dish to look forward to in Meta’s Autumn menu, is a modern interpretation of Korean abalone congee using the liver of the abalone.

This was first published in Wine & Dine’s September 2017 issue – Singapore’s Top Restaurants, ‘Early Risers’