Blue Jasmine


    Child Friendly: YES


    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    Mon-Sun, 11pm-3pm
    Mon-Sun, 6.30pm-10pm


    Corkage Price: 

    Park Hotel Farrer Park, Level 5, 10 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217564

    [September 2019 Update: Blue Jasmine has updated their menu, serving up a new selection of Thai dishes made with no pork and no lard. Along with the new menu, they now also offer an extensive variety of alcoholic beverages! The review below will be updated soon with further details.]

    This Thai halal restaurant offers an all-day menu and dinner buffets on Fridays and Saturdays. Start with the comforting rolled omelette with acacia leaves. Move on to the E-Sarn style tom yum seabass ‘poh teck’ which uses fried seabass and holy basil to yield a highly aromatic broth; and the larb salmon, a tangy salad with sour tomato, shallots, lemongrass in a spicy tamarind dressing. Don’t miss the piquant holy basil kaprao with snake beans and squid, and the luscious yellow curry with large prawns in a turmeric, betel leaf and coconut milk gravy. Special themed iftar buffets are served during Ramadan.