Joie Restaurant by DOZO


    Child Friendly:No


    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    Mon to Sun:
    12pm to 330pm
    6pm to 1030pm


    Corkage Price:N/A

    Orchard Central, #12-01, 181 Orchard Road 238896

    2017 Review 2018 Review

    Joie Restaurant by DOZO serves meatless French- Japanese cuisine in an austere dining room appointed in black and gold.

    The dishes are delicious and thoughtful, with offerings like a raspberry sphere with sesame cracker and an orange-hued konjac that tastes like salmon sashimi. Expect treats like vegetable sashimi served on ice, comprising coconut flesh, bamboo fungus, rose aloe vera, mountain yam peel and sea grapes.

    But the dish that takes the cake is grill summer mushroom steak on ‘pu-ye’ hot stone— grilled monkey head mushroom on lava stone. The dense, fibrous texture of the mushroom pulls off textures somewhere between pulled pork and pork belly sans layer of skin. Paired with homemade mustard-grape sauce, you’re enjoying something akin to Teochew braised pork belly, or simply, a very delicious vegetable dish in its own right