Shaburi & Kintan Buffet


    Child Friendly: YES




    Operating Hours

    Mon to Sun:
    11.30am to 10pm


    Corkage Price:$20

    Jem, #03-11/12, 50 Jurong Gateway Road 608549

    2017 Review 2018 Review

    Shaburi & Kintan Buffet presents a unique concept: diners can choose either the Japanese shabu shabu buffet (Shaburi) on one side of the restaurant or yakiniku barbecue  (Kintan) on the other. Your entire group must choose just one concept though. Then you get 90 minutes to enjoy your spread.

    Both buffets feature several tiers, ranging from regular to premium selections of meats. Special Wagyu Buffet, for example, showcases cuts like melt-in-the-mouth wagyu karubi and shimofuri (Japanese for ‘marbled’) steak. These meats are sliced to order so they retain ultimate freshness. There’s a wide selection of cuts including tongue, ribeye and rump, alongside other meats such as pork and chicken, all paired with a tasty cheese curry dipping sauce.

    At the shabu shabu section, diners enjoy their own personal pots and can choose from five broths including original konbu, sukiyaki, chicken collagen paitan, hot misoand beef pepper. They also get a delectable spread of light bites such as kimchi, chawanmushi, vegetable tempura, fried rice and chicken karaage. Whether they choose Shaburi or Kintan, diners get access to a sauce station where they can create their own concoctions. When in doubt, go with the house special sauce.