Long Beach @ Dempsey Seafood Restaurant


Child Friendly:No

Halal: YES

Vegetarian: YES


Operating Hours

11am - 3pm (Mon-Sun)
5pm - 1am (Mon-Sun)


Corkage Price:Flexible

25 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670

2017 Review 2018 Review

Established in 1946 at Bedok Rest House, Long Beach Seafood Restaurant holds the honour of being the creator of well-loved Singaporean favourite, the black pepper crab. Though the group has several branches across the island, this one is a particular favourite, thanks to its location in the lush tropical greenery of the Dempsey enclave.

Long Beach signatures include Singapore-style seafood offerings like golden stripe live lobster and of course its famous black pepper crab, which is coated with luscious black pepper sauce after being stir-fried, retaining its sweet succulent meat. Likewise, the popular chilli crab showcases fresh, sweet meat, and is served with fried or steamed buns tobest enjoy the sauce. But guests would be remiss if they did not try dishes like deep fried flat rice noodle with “la la king” and white jade live crab. Also among the slew of recommended live seafood options is geoduck served sashimi-style to best enjoy its sweet, crunchy texture. It comes with superior stock hot pot for the option of enjoying the tender slivers lightly poached.

Seafood aside, there are plenty of other tempting options to complete the meal, such as claypot enoki mushroom with baby cabbage, and fried sambal kang kong with cuttlefish. Order the fragrant fried rice with dried scallops and egg white for the best accompaniment. Desserts here are a feast for the eyes as well its durian pudding is served atop a bowl of liquid that emits fog. The premier durian pudding and black glutinous rice with ice cream, make for a satisfying end to the meal.

The restaurant has a splendid list of beverages, including freshyoung coconuts, wines and draft beers. Best of all, the service is warm and friendly, tipping the dining experience into one that is happily memorable.