White Rose Café


    Child Friendly:No

    Halal: YES

    Vegetarian: YES


    Operating Hours

    11am - 11pm (Mon-Sun)


    Corkage Price:$15 for wine and $20 for champagne

    York Hotel, 21 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228516

    2017 Review 2018 Review

    White Rose Café at York Hotel is best known for its popular thrice-a-year Penang Hawkers’ Fare, which sees the best hawkers from the Malaysian city set up shop in its sprawling dining room. On any other given day, regulars come here for the Treasured Flavours ofSingapore a la carte buffet lunch.

    Its main attraction is a generous claypot of fish head curry for the table to share. A true Singapore classic, the meaty red snapper head is stewed in a sweet and sour tamarind curry, and paired with okra, tomatoes and eggplant. Other must-orders at the buffet include squid cooked in its ink with tamarind and lemongrass, and the chicken masala redolent of coriander, turmeric, garam masala and paprika. The tight selection of well-crafted desserts includes ice kachang with sweet shaved ice over red beans and jelly, and chendol drenched in coconut milk and palm sugar.